Under Community Review
over 1 year ago

Thank you for you idea to help us improve SDL TMS. The described functionality could currently be achieved through a customization. I'll leave this under community review for further feedback and improvements.

Option of always assign to a Group regardless QA check reject or PJM modify step back to stage

Option of always assign to a Group regardless QA check reject back or PJM modify step back to stage


1. Task goes to Translation step, assigned to a group
2. Person A from that group takes ownership and translates, then submits the task in the Workflow
3. During later Workflow step, PJM needs to modify step back to the Translation step for translator to make changes
4. The assignment for Person A remains in that Workflow, sending a notification only to that person


Option for above step #2 and 3:

2.5. Automatically reassign the Workflow step back to the initial group based on Workflow Assignments once it gets submitted from that stage

(As a result, #4 will be sending notification to the group)

  • While potentially the case, it's not helpful when the resource is out of the office or scheduled to work on other tasks, delaying the resolution of the work to be done. If the Project Manager doesn't know that especially. 

  • I think the original design here is that the translator that took ownership and worked on the translations is then the one that any rejections go back to.

    I think would also be good to keep as the default however having the option to assign back to the group too would be good and add more flexibility.