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over 3 years ago

Hi Athina,

Thank you for raising an idea to help improve the usability of SDL TMS. I'm moving to community review for further comments or suggestions from other users. Although we will continue to improve the user experience for all SDL TMS users, the "work doers" are currently one of our focus areas and we are looking at ways to enable translators and reviewers to become more productive. We will take this into consideration as we create a new cloud-based inbox/task list for these users.



Request from Spark44 (JLR): 'Next' button in the TMS review interface

The Spark44 jobs usually contain up to 100 tasks and are into one target language each. When the client reviewers have to review a job with a lot of files, currently they have to go to their inbox, open the review interface for each one of them, review and submit them and move to the next tasks from their inbox.

Instead of having to go back to their inbox after they finish reviewing each task, they would like to just click a Next button from the online review interface, which would submit the current task at review and open straight away the next task that is awaiting to be reviewed.

Once the client reviewer completes the review of the first task, they will click the Next button. The Next button will do the following:

  • Submit all comments/changes that have been made to the first tasks
  • Search whether there is another task which is ready awaiting at client review
    1. If there is a task at client review within that specific job, open the 2nd task in the online review interface, without the reviewer having to go back to their inbox
    2. If the task already reviewed, was the last task at client review, then the Next button will transfer the reviewer to their inbo
  • The online review interface will open up for the next task that is awaiting client review
  • The client user’s inbox will be displayed, in case there is currently no other task at client review for that specific job

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,


  • Hi Athina and David,

    This is similar to what was requested by Dassault Systemes customer/reviewers: the main difference is that with the 'Next' button our customer would like to have a possibility to navigate between the files, back and forth (e.g. in case some additional changes need to be made in file #17 based on the changes made in file #19 the user would like to have the possibility to click 'Back' twice rather than to look for the task in the inbox view) and not necessarily submit them straight away.