Under Community Review

Hi Jacqueline,

Thank you for your idea to help us improve SDL TMS. I'll put it under community review for now to allow others to comment and vote on it.


Submit a TMS job from the Edit Add Costs screen to the next step in a workflow


currently, after updating costs of a TMS job in the Edit Add Costs screen, a user clicks Submit which saves the costs edits and the user is then taken back to their TMS inbox. There, they have to find the job for which they just edited the job costs, select it and click Submit to submit the job to the next step in the workflow.

Would it be possible to enhance functionality in such a way that a user can directly submit a job to the next step from the Edit Add Costs screen without having to go back to the TMS inbox?

Perhaps introduce an "Update Costs" button to only update the job cost and use the "Submit" button to submit the job to the next step in the workflow?