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Hi Huseyin,

Than you for your idea to help us improve SDL TMS. I'm not quite sure that I understand 100% what you're looking to achieve. Configurations in SDL TMS already provide a mechanism to pre-select the TMS, file types, workflows and languages which would appear to satisfy your requirements. Can you perhaps clarify on how you would see this working?

Also note, however, that SDL Managed Translation (which can be used to submit work to SDL TMS) recently provided a new way to create project templates which may fit better with your needs. Please take a look at this video:


If this approach would better suit your requirements, I would recommend speaking to your SDL contact about how you can take advantage of this new methodology for submitting work for translation.



User should be able to create Language grouping template


In our TMS instance, we are managing translation of global content. However, number of languages and scope of languages changes job by job. It is not standard. However, there are some patterns. So we would like to have a template option where set of predefined languages, even workflow can be defined. So instead of selecting manually all languages, if users prefer, they should be able to proceed with the template. 

Selecting languages one by one is prone to human error. 

For example, assume I created CE7 tempalte, when I select CE7 tempalte, all CE7 languages are selected by default. 

I think this can improve the UX and efficiency.