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over 1 year ago

Add an option for users to choose whether or not to include BOM into the target file

We noticed there's a difference for Passolo 2018 vs 2015 on generating files with TXT parser with/without BOM.

On 2015 target file is generated with BOM by default, it's removed on 2018 now - which bring us some issues on projects after migration. 

Would be good to have an option where user can select whether to include BOM in target file or not. 

  • Source file doesn't have BOM. 

    In 2015 target file is generated with BOM by default, in 2018 it is changed with the defect LTB-1527 as there are customers complaining about Passolo adding the BOM into the target file even if it was not present in the source (if you have access to SDL Support cases refer to Case 00518512).

    Below target file option doesn't have option to add BOM. 

    The suggestion here is to add an option for target file for user to choose adding BOM. 

  • Does the source file have a BOM and is it UTF-16 or UTF-8? Have you looked into the target file setting? There is an option to tweak the encoding and the line feeds.