Autosuggest for Passolo

Idea Delivered Partially

It would be really nice to have the same Autosuggest feature as we are used to from Trados Studio - suggesting from TM, TB and concordance - as this feature really speeds up typing.

Idea Delivered Partially

Delivered through SDLXLIFF export in Passolo (Professional Edition and up) - you can then use Studio for the strings, using all productivity features there, and deliver them back to Passolo Team Edition. See for instance.

  • Thanks for an update, still I believe most users have Translator edition where this feature is not available. So having it directly in Passolo would be nice.

  • I share Ladislav's point of view and as i have been told, exporting the strings to Trados may generate some issues : String length check is lost, we cannot magane the comments anymore, IDs are lost, and no reference language can be implemented. So, we really need it in Passolo.