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Be able to apply the selected filters across all opened string lists

I frequently open all target string lists in a project and work through each language string list - up to 14 languages.

If my work involves setting a filter, I find it inconvenient to have to set the same string list filter each time I switch to a new language.

It would be really helpful if there was some option in the filtering to apply the specific filter being selected to all open string lists.

  • It might be quite difficult to implement such a feature as filters can contain conditions that just work properly in just one single language. Filtering is a task that also depends on the fact that a translations list is opened and the modules that are opened.

    There might be a work-around that also work for the other 2 users and that works without any scripting. When opening the project please activate the following option:

    Then open the translation lists in all the languages. Please note the you can open all the lists with a multi-selection. Then you need to apply the filter in all languages. Sorry but due to the limitations described above this might not change.

    But when you now close the project and reopen is again you will see that all translation lists that you had opened in your previous session are reopened and all the filters you had activated in your previous session are re-applied.

  • Why do you need a script to open all the files in all languages? Click on the Targets node in the project treeview, select all the files in the list view with Ctr+A and then press Enter to open all files in all languages. For sure less clicks than starting a script.

  • Hello Daniel, 

    I'm interested in your script too. Please could you share it to me? 

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi Mark,

    To save you time to open all the files.

    I did a script to open all the files in all languages. If you want them I can share with you. 

    Good day