Idea Delivered Partially
over 2 years ago

Box integration delivered with Passolo 2018 in March 2018. 

Integration with modern file sharing platforms (Collaboration Edition)

FTP is insecure and SFTP is not practical in many situations due to the need to manage accounts. Collaboration Edition is known to have many shortcomings, and the use of FTP/SFTP is the most awkward of them.

Consider integrating with modern file sharing platforms that use secure RESTful web services to handle file transfer and file sharing. An organisation member creates a dedicated path in Dropbox or OneDrive, for example. This user has the authority to manage this path, who can read from it and write to it, and who can share resources within the path. They can also define the rules regarding the the method of sharing resources, such as: by configured user, by sub-directory, or by whoever has a unique URL for a path or resource.

Instead of pushing and pulling TBUs and updates to an FTP/SFTP server, Passolo uses an SDL or user generated integration with one or more of these file sharing services. It could upload a resource and request a unique URL from the service. The URL is then communicated to the appropriate parties.

Allowing SDL Community developers to create their own integrations will help to pull Passolo into the rapidly advancing world of integrations and micro services. This was the emphasis behind a talk I gave at LocWorld 33 in Shenzhen on continuous localisation, and it was very much welcomed by the audience as a way of making sure localisation enhancement tools keep up with modern technology.

  • Box integration had been delivered with Passolo 2018

  • Having used both One Drive and One Drive for Business extensively I would have initially opted for One Drive because it is the most stable and does what it is supposed to. One Drive for Business (and it's former incarnations) have been painful to administer and integrate into an organisation because it has been unreliable and the clients (Mac mostly) have been incapable of sustaining a heavy workload. However, it is my understanding that Microsoft have finally got their act sorted and fixed those problems. That said, One Drive for Business does give administrators greater control over the way it is used. A positive. But on the flip side, fewer people and organisations use it.

    One Drive and Dropbox were just two examples. There are many more, and Box is one that appears to have a greater following in enterprises because it has greater security and provenance. Out of just those three examples, I would shift attention to Box. The presence of so many choices of file sharing platforms is one reason why I would like to see Passolo provide developers with the ability create and share their own integrations in the SDL Appstore.

  • Thanks for this idea, . Quick question - what would be your preference - One Drive for Business or One Drive? (My hunch is the former, but just to make sure?) Thanks, Daniel