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over 1 year ago

message after importing bundles

Here is the scenario:

I want to know which file was changed after importing the bundles easily, (we exported all files to translators in case any old translation need modification, especially in LQA stage),

currently the log is containing all files with lots of "no changes", which is not meaningful for me. so I hope to get a list of files without those "no changes", or at least a way to filter those files. 

Could this be considered?


  • “last change” filter or timestamp seems does not reflect the changes on translation only. I don't know why, but when I filter with it, all files shows changed. but actually no translation changes in them.

  • This is already possible. Although the import state no changes is not stored you can easily see and filter the changes files.

    In the project view right-click the table header and activate the column Last Change to be displayed.

    The Last Change column now exactly shows the changed files.

    You can click the Last Change header to sort by this column or use the Filter function to defines a specific filter on change date.