Idea Delivered

Set string back to status "For Review" when parser comment is added/modified

When Passolo (2016 or 2018) updates a string list where a parser comment for an existing, validated string is added/modified, the string will keep its status "Validated". But an added/modified parser comment may give the translator information that they did not have when they translated the original string, so it would make sense to set the string with the added/modified comment back to status "For Review" (blue), or at least have an option in the Passolo settings to enable/disable this string status change, in case it is not wanted/needed by all your Passolo customers.

  • When checking, we noticed that the current function "When the source comment has been changed set string to 'for review'" does not include the case when a source comment was added where there was no comment before. So we would consider the idea only partially delivered, and it would still be better if Passolo also considered the status change from "no comment" to "a comment" as a case in which the string should be set to "for review" (provided it is set accordingly in the String List Operations options).

  • Thanks, Achim, for the information that this feature is already available. It would also help if you could add the specific options to the Passolo documentation on this topic:

    Currently, this page only mentions the possible options for when the coordinates of the control elements are altered, but no infos on the other drop-down menus on this Passolo settings page. It would help to add them, so that when you search for example for “review” and “comment”, the "Updating translation string lists" page is shown further up in the search results list :-)

  • This feature already exist since Passolo 2011 or even earlier. When you open the String List Operations page of the Options dialog you must switch the option When the source comment has been changed to Set string to “for review”.