Idea Delivered

Allow additional Project Manager roles to be assigned to a GS project

Situation 1

  1. Inhouse PM1 sets up a project and assigns all roles (Preparation, Translation, Review and Finalization) to respective users.
  2. Inhouse PM1 goes on vacation or for other reasons is not able to work on the project.

Current solution: another PM logs on, using PM1's credentials. It works but it is not very user-friendly.

Situation 2

A project needs to be reopened, but it is not clear who set up the project initially.
Current solution: look for clues, then hope that the PM is still working for you. If necessary, override the PMs login. Not very clean.

Suggested solution:

Add a role "Project Management" with proper user rights and assign internal PMs to this role. That way it is possible for other PMs to treat the project as if it is their own.
There may be other, better solutions out there and I'd be happy to hear what others are using. We tried to use a "generic PM" that we all use, but it beats the purpose of individual logins.
  • Ahh, those simple solutions! Thanks, Luis Lopez, that solves our issue.

  • Hi Burckhardt,

    Could you elaborate on this:

    "Current solution: another PM logs on, using PM1's credentials. It works but it is not very user-friendly."

    This is not necessary. If you open the Project using "Open GroupShare Project" in Studio, all PMs that have permissions can open and manage each others projects.

    The only time you would have to login as someone else, is if you open the local *.sdlproj file which is not recommended in GroupShare scenarios and is just supposed to be a local cache.

    So in my opinion the above suggestion by you is already possible, as exactly this is how it works with the Project Manager role that is built in, the key is really how you "open" the project.