Planned for Future Release

Filtering of TMs in GroupShare Cloud - allow option to hide Project TMs

In Studio there is an option to show or hide Project TMs from GroupShare Cloud when setting up/editing the language resources for a project, making it relatively easy to find the required TM. However, when using GroupShare Cloud directly to look for a particular TM, the full list of TMs is displayed. 

Even with the search option at the top, if one of the main TMs were used to create the project TMs then the resulting "matches" could present a long list of TMs, making it hard to find the specific TM required.

We have already set up sub organisations to house the project TMs that are created, but going into each organisation to find the relevant TM is time consuming. What we really need is to be able to filter them from the main organisation screen. Ideally, a button to allow project TMs to be excluded from the results list could be implemented so that the core list of main TMs is presented without needing to go into each organisation individually.