Idea Delivered Partially

In Trados GroupShare it is possible to retrieve logged issues as well as the status of the (web) services, either through the Log Viewer page, for errors/log entries, or the health endpoint (see

These data points are available through API, which can be used to integrate with full-featured application and system performance management and monitoring tools (e.g. PRTG, AppDynamics, Zenoss, etc.).
With the availability of such specific application management and monitoring tools, we're continuing to focus on providing all necessary data points and integration options to enable these tools.

Groupshare "health check" and alerting

Instead of checking processes and logifiles on the Groupshare server when users already report certain issues, I would like to haven an alerting system that notifies me when certain conditions take place that might lead to such an event or failure.

The informatin should be indicated in some system dashboard and/or sent by email or pop-up message in the browser.

Events could be: stopping of any of the Groupshare services, memory usage or threads usage reaching certain limits, certain number of CAL reached or other logged information contained in SDL agent/service/execution log files that might be a potential issue.

I'd also include events that are shown in the background tasks (e.g. you get an active notification when a project creation or other process failed)