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over 1 year ago

Handling of projects and files in the GroupShare web UI and in Studio

As a Project Manager you often see yourself dealing with a lot of projects on a daily basis - many of which will be very small tasks, often only with one file and/or very few "new words" to be translated. As it is now in the GroupShare web UI and in Studio, you are spending a lot of valuable time handling these projects.

Many of the projects that a Project Manager will be handling, could well be projects that they receive from a client in form of project packages. As it is now, it is not possible to open all the project packages received by a client in one go. The Project Manager will have to go through the repetive task of opening each project package one after another and, when this is done, publish each single project one by one to the GroupShare ProjectServer, because this step cannot be done in one take for multiple projects in the Project View in Studio.

When the Project Manager then wants to take care of the assignment part (i.e. assign users for the different phases and/or set delivery dates), they will have to do this from the Files view. Here they can do the planning for single or multiple files in one project, which is great, BUT they can NOT do the planning for single nor muliple PROJECTS in the Projects View. So handling a lot of projects can easily be very time-consuming. If you have, let's say 50 projects with one or maybe more files in each, for which you want to do the same thing ->  assign them to the same translator, reviewer etc., you will have to open each project from the Project View, and then in the Files View do the planning for the files, go back to the Project View, open the next project and do the planning for this project’s files in the Files View, then go back to the Project View AGAIN, open the next project AGAIN and do the planning for the files in the Files View ……. This is very cumbersome.

So what I you like to be able to do - in Studio and also in the GroupShare web UI - is this:

- Open multiple project packages from a client in one go (and similarly, create return packages of multiple projects in one go)

- Publish multiple projects to the GroupShare ProjectServer in one go

- Handle the assigment part for multiple projects in one go