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over 2 years ago

TM Emergency restoration from SQL backup

It would be great to have a tool that will allow export TMs from SQL databases without GroupShare instance.  Another workaround could be batch TM export/import functionality with schedule support.

There are real use cases from my practice:

Customer has deleted 1 TM from 25 TMs and wanted to restore it from SQL backup. The idea of restoring whole TM container will overwrite all new content from other 24 TMs.

The customer’s IT specialists have no expertise, time or resources to install another GroupShare instance.

Even KB 000004160 doesn’t work anymore for GroupShare 2017  as result the is no fast and convenient way to restore TM from SQL backup.


Yuriy Belik

  • I would very much like a method of exporting a TM without going through GroupShare.

    We have had big problems with GroupShare and the TM service in particular. There have been many occasions where my colleagues have had to work on file-based projects which should otherwise have been GroupShare-based projects, using an *old* file-based TM.

    It would be tremendously useful to be able to export a file-based TM for situations where the GroupShare server has a problem.

  • Hi Luis,

    The recycle bin is a great idea. I think it will save a lot of time for end users and could be a solution. The logging feature would be nice  too, like an entry in background tasks with information who has deleted the TM.

    The notification also will be helpful as some users surely will forget to restore TMs before the recycle bin will be purged.

    As for batch export/import feature I think it's still necessary. It will create assurance that even if the Grouphsare fails by some reasons the work will be continued with file based resources until GS is restored.

    Another reason to implement batch export/import TMs feature is that I often have to import TM manually to the server during migration to server based TMs or export TMs if customer wants to use another Groupshare instance.

    PS: I can create another topic for batch export/import if it more convenient.



  • Hi Yuriy,

    Would a "recycle-bin" concept be helpful here. I.e. we keep the deleted TM for 30 days (or any other configurable time) and only then physically remove it and allow you to restore it during the 30 day period?