Add a negation option to filetypes that support the use of regex

Under Community Review

Refer to this thread as an example:

Sometimes the regular expression you need to create to tag the non-translatable content can be very complex.  For example, in this source text only the red text should be translated:

<li>Klicken Sie {{clik|ff|OK}} und {{clik|OK}}.</li>
==some text here {{click|..\path}} bzw {{click|..\path}} some other text here.==

<ol>some text here [[click|..\path]] bzw [[click|text|..\path]] some other text here.</ol>

This is a bit of an extreme example, but it does present the solution I'm asking for quite well.  The regex required in this case was this:


If there was a negation option on the filetype settings (as we have in the Community Advanced Display Filter) you would only need this:


If the source material starts to vary, and I have a suspicion it will, the current solution quickly becomes unworkable and even more complex than it already is.  The negation option would simplify it immensely and remove the likelihood of mistakes.

Under Community Review