Add the option to do batch processing for "Planning and Assignments" on multiple projects from the Projects View in Studio + option to apply settings for the same stored in a Project Template on multiple projects via the app "Apply Studio Pr

Under Community Review


When using the Project Server component of GroupShare and wanting to assign multiple projects in the Projects View in Studio to the same user and change the phase to e.g. "Translation", we find it laborious that we have to do this individually for each project. It would be so much more efficient to be able to select multiple projects in the Projects View in Studio and then do the planning/assigning and change the phase for all the selected projects at the same time.


When working with Project Templates in Studio, you are able to pre-select the settings for the planning and assignments in GroupShare. However, it is not (yet!) an option to apply these settings on selected projects in the Projects View using the app "Apply Studio Project Template". It would be much appreciated to see this feature be implemented in this app.

Under Community Review
  • I haven't  yet  used GroupShare, but I wholeheartedly endorse Dennis's ideas here: some more top-down, grouped options of this kind would be welcome, in the aim of reducing tedious repetition of the same commands for multiple files, projects, templates and other Studio entities.

  • Hello, Dennis, you've got my vote. You might have done it already, but just in case: you can vote for your own idea too. Good luck!