Under Community Review

Automated extracting (and opening) SDL Trados Studio project packages on a predefined path (e.g. via drag & drop)

If you are handeling a lot of project packages (containing same kind of projects) on a daily basis, there is a lot of repeted actions, pushing of buttons etc. that you have to do for each single package.

So what I am suggesting here, is a new feature in Studio that lets you predefine a path, on which you want to store all the extracted projects (from your packages that you need to handle) in one action. After predefining this patch, this feature would allow you to upload multiple packages at the same time (e.g. via drag & drop). And then finally, when you pushed a button, they would all be extracted on the path that you had specified.

You could make the feature even better, if you at the same time were allowed to select a certain Project Template that you wanted to apply for all the projects when extracting them.