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Enable text insertion cursor to blink permanently

When I'm typing in the target segment, the cursor stops blinking after about 5 seconds. After that it becomes solid, partially obscuring the last character, especially if it's an l, i or t.

It would be really helpful if the cursor could be set to blink continuously, as it does in applications such as Word or, indeed, this web page.

If the cursor cannot be made to blink constantly, could there be a separation between the cursor and the last character?

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  • Hi all - this is interesting - Windows 10 seems to have this as default behaviour. Microsoft Word and other applications probably 'ignore' that setting and do their own thing. I have found this article which explains how to stop this from happening by editing the registry. More info: https://superuser.com/questions/1436937/cursor-stops-blinking-after-a-few-seconds-on-windows-10. Interestingly there does not seem to be any place in the Windows settings where you would be able to change this. What we could also consider in Studio is either a) to never stop blinking by doing what Microsoft Word developers have done and/or b) to make the cursor ('caret' in fact) a bit slimmer so it does not obscure the character to the left. I guess you could start by experimenting in the registry and reboot/re-log on to see if it would help.

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    Thanks for the registry hack, Daniel. And apologies for the incorrect terminology - "caret" duly noted!

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