Under Community Review

Fix spell check 'Resume' "Loss of place" bug.

If the spell check is running (F7) in Editor and the mouse is used to click in a segment to make a correction or even outside Studio to do something else (taking Windows 'focus' away from the spell check), pressing 'Resume' often causes Studio to restart the spell check at the beginning of the file, so the user is left waiting (with a big file) for a long time until the spell check again reaches the point at which 'focus' shifted. If this occurs after 5-10 minutes checking a big file, it is very frustrating to wait for the check to begin again from the beginning while being unable to do anything else on the PC while this is happening.

For example, when the spell check picks up a double word (e.g. "that that" when it should read "than that"), spell check offers the opportunity to delete or correct the second word, but clicking in the segment to correct the first word resets spell check to restart at the beginning of the file.

It would be great if the spell check could be interrupted and resume immediately at the same place, without re-checking all the segments already scanned. If focus is taken outside Studio or when clicking from the spell check dialog to a segment in Editor view should not 'reset' the spell check. In MS Word, when you interrupt spell check to open a new e-mail or do something else outside Word, spell check resumes from where it was interrupted.

Or is it me? Am I doing something wrong?