Idea Delivered Partially

This is available at least partially, a few tips:

- "Undock" the comments window and move it somewhere else, e.g. to the right hand side of the Editor, for better visibility during comment review

- Double-click on a comment in the comments pane to jump to the corresponding segment.

Both these options make working with comments a bit easier. However, what would be nice additionally, is to synchronise the comments pane with the editor when you move about in the editor itself. We noted this down as an idea for future consideration, along with adaptable font size.

Show active segment comments automatically and with readable font size

Sometimes my source file contains segment comments and I need to see the current segment comment to translate the segment correctly. But comments in the "Comments" window ("Information" tab) are not synchronized with the segments in the translation window and I have to scroll to the current comment manually—for every segment!

And the font in the "Comments" window — I can hardly see the comment and no way to zoom it!

It would be good to have some different options for current comment display: for example, under the current segment or as an additional column.