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Sort Customers list alphabetically everywhere in Studio

I've noticed that the customer list is neither sorted alphabetically, nor is it possible to sort the customer list alphabetically (by clicking on the column header) in the following instances:

  • Within File > Setup > Customers
  • When creating a project

These lists are obviously pulling the customer list from projects.xml file (which is not sorted alphabetically) without applying any sorting rule/code/whatever.

For some or other reason, the only instance where the Customers list is sorted alphabetically is within "Projects Settings".

Consequently, unless you'd like to sift through a (potentially long) list of unsorted customers when wanting to add a customer to a new project, the easiest way to find a customer when creating a new project would be not to add one, finalise the creation of your project and then open the Project Settings for the respective project and select the customer from a nice-and-alphabetically sorted customer list.

Could we please have the Customers list be sorted alphabetically everywhere within Trados Studio?