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over 2 years ago

Publication targets are hidden in the UI for BusinessProcessType-based target types intentionally as they, essentially, redundant.

R&D considers implementing the filter option to filter by purpose name.

Add possibility to filter Publish Transactions by purpose for scaled-out Publishers

Publisher can be configured to pick up publish transactions filtered by Priority, Publication, Publication Target and Hostname.

As of SDL Web 8.1 publishing is configured to target type/purpose in the new style publishing via Topology Manager. It is possible to find TCM URI of the emulated publication target (by running a database query) and filter by it, but it is not shown anywhere in the UI.

Provide possibility to configure Publisher to pick up only publish transactions with specified purpose (to have, for example, a dedicated publisher for Live/Prod destination).

  • We often have to work with legacy installations as we upgrade them to Topology Manager so for the time being we need to be able to use the Publication Target tcmid, since this will work with BOTH legacy targets AND business process targets. We just need to be able to see the Topology based Publishing Target Id's somewhere in the Tridion GUI so we do not have to gain access to the database.

    In the future Environment Purpose could be a solution, once legacy support is dropped, for the solution I am working on I am not sure that is could cover every Topology scenario.

  • What are your thoughts on adding ability to configure Publisher filtering via configuration file inside <queuing> section in Tridion.ContentManager.config with this list of filtering options:

    - Priorities

    - Publications

    - Purpose (represents purpose from CdTopologyType entity)

    - Hostname

    So no changes in Tridion Management Console

    Would it be sufficient enough?

  • Powershell work around posted on TREX until the missing functionality is added back into Tridion