SDL released new product versions for our Contenta and S1000D customers on December 15, 2017.
Please refer to the Release Notes for a complete list of enhancements and detailed descriptions.

Highlights of the new features and enhancements:

  • IT focused initiatives
    • New SDL Contenta web installer
    • New XPP independent Perl on Windows
    • OEM component upgrades
    • Security enhancements
  • Enhancements to language support
    • UTF8 support throughout Content Web, Contenta Server, Contenta Crawler and the Contenta Java and Perl APIs.
    • Optional multilanguage support for SDL Contenta S1000D CSDBs
  •  S1000D IETMs
    • Next phase of Tablet UX
    • Desktop UX harmonized with new Tablet UX
    • Sample SVG data set
    • HTTP compression
  • Complete documentation sets for all of these new version releases are now available online here:

Customers with an active maintenance contract can obtain version release upgrades by opening a support ticket through the SDL Customer Support Web Portal at

Customers are encouraged to download and install this latest release on their test system. If you do not currently have a nonproduction system available for upgrade testing, SDL offers significantly discounted test server licenses for purchase. You can choose to purchase either a Perpetual test server license or if you prefer, we also now offer 3-month or 6-month term based test server licenses for purchase. Please contact your SDL Account Manager for further information.