We have just released the SDL Language Cloud - Translation Management 20.6.1 update which delivers some great innovation and functionality.

To access these new features, simply login to SDL Language Cloud and they will be instantly available.

Add-ons Store

SDL Language Cloud now offers an Add-ons Store when you click on your Avatar->Add-ons.
This enables administrators to browse Add-ons in the Store and install those in your account. In this first iteration, the Add-Ons Store allows integration with Machine Translation Providers, but in the future, we will allow additional types of Add-ons.

Google MT Provider

The first Add-on available in the Store is the Google Machine Translation Provider. Installing the Google Machine Translation Provider requires that you have created an API key in the Google Cloud Console. Once you have an API key, you can install and activate the Machine Translation Provider in your tenant. The Google Machine Translation Provider can then be used when creating or configuring a Translation Engine in SDL Language Cloud.

To install the Google Machine Translation Provider, select it in the Add-ons Store and click the Install button. You will then need to provide the Google Service Account Key, the Google Project Id and, optionally, the Google Cloud Location (leave this blank to let Google choose for you). Clicking Activate will then make the Add-on available in your tenant.

New Tasks Overview section

The Project Details Dashboard now includes a new Tasks Overview section. Clicking on the numbers will take you directly to your inbox with a pre-applied filter to show only those files.

Inline Resource Creation

You can now create Translation Engines, Pricing Models and Workflows during project creation. Previously, if you were missing any of these resources, you had to quit the project creation process and add them before coming back and re-creating the project. The new functionality allows you to stay on the project creation screen and create the required resources.

Reference Files

Reference files can now be uploaded from every Task in your Inbox and from the Files tab in the Project details page.

Customer Location

The full location is now visible in the Customers view which enables you to better understand the folder structure.

Additional Changes

We introduced a new Lead Project Manager role with additional user management permissions compared to the default Project Manager role.

When selecting a Group, a new sidebar opens to show additional information about the Group. You can also filter Groups by location.

For TM Import, the language direction is not pre-selected to avoid import into the wrong language direction when multiple languages are available in the TM.

Various UI performance improvements including using a Content Delivery Network for static assets.

Various bug fixes and UX enhancements.


We hope this post was informative and we look forward to providing you with more product updates in the future.

David Pooley

Senior Product Manager, SDL Language Cloud