I've recently had the pleasure to work with my marketing colleagues recently on a video, GDPR white paper (ebook), and most recently a blog post on sdl.com. Though I've been active in the community for awhile now, being able to contribute to these is a small personal milestone that I'm quite excited about! #humblebrag

See if you find familiar use cases in my latest post, "Are Your Digital Experiences an Extension of Your Business?" which touches on industry-specific enterprise content management challenges, digitally-savvy consumers, and the blur between the future and current state of content. These come from my time helping and learning about your implementations. Some of my posts on "CMS Visions" were dated before I published them.

Keeping the customer details anonymous as I have, do you have other examples of how digital experiences influence your implementations? Leave a comment or share your own posts on SDL Community or your own blog.