"Permission denied" error

I'm still on XPP 8.4 and recently I'm seeing 'permission denied' errors when I compose a division but strangely, the changes were captured. On top of that, I could not make changes to the Item Format and macros because whenever I save the new changes, I get an error. 

Could not run CITI either because of the same error. 


Attaching screenshots of the error for reference:

This error appears during composition sometimes and the change is not captured.



And this is after composition but changes are captured despite this error.


This is when I try saving the new macro.

This is when running CITI but nothing is generated.


Has anyone faced this issue before? Before this happened, our data was migrated from one server to another. The engineer however, have checked and confirmed that the settings in the new server are the same as the old. 

  • This is clearly a permissions problem.
    So go back to the 'engineer' that told you that all settings are the same as before.
    They are clearly not!

    I think that you as a user are not allowed to create any new files on the drive that contains the xpp data.
  • Hi Bart! It can't be anything else but a permissions problem, you reckon? I started as a page compositor and didn't have to know about the background processes of XPP until now, so please bear with me as I am catching up.

    Is it server permissions or XPP software permissions?
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