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We are using XPP 9.0 using <igt> to position an image.  Our images are stored in PNG, and we have been resizing and saving as tif images.  However, we want to keep the images as PNG since we are using them outside of XPP also.

XPP 9.0 is throwing the cannot convert error, as noted at the top of pg 16-25 of manxpp.pdf.  I can't seem to locate where any better documentation of the error is and the png is just fine in multiple image viewers.

Any thoughts on how to track down what is causing the convert error?  If saved in a different format the image works just fine.

  • Hi John,

    If you really mean version 9.0 (and not 9.2/9.3), that is a long "retired" version of XPP (as is XPP 9.1 - XPP 9.2 is considered "mature" and XPP 9.3 is "active").

    In any case, I think the best course is for you to open up an SDL support case (aka ticket) and submit a sample PNG image that is giving the conversion error.

    There's no "general" way to tell you what might be the problem with converting any particular PNG image (to EPS).

    The first thing we (in CS/R&D) would do is to run a "non-quiet" image conversion command manually at a command prompt on the PNG image to see if there are any "helpful" messages on why an error is happening (within XPP such messages are often suppressed). Actually, that's probably the second thing we would do. The first thing we would do is to try using the sample PNG image in the latest version of XPP to see if the conversion problem still occurs.

    For example, for the XPP 9.0 release for converting a PNG image a sample (UNIX) "test" conversion command would be:
    $XYV_EXECS/sys/gr/ImageMagick/bin/convert png:image.png -alpha background eps2:image.eps

    The reason that not all the details of all the image conversion commands are documented is because fairly often changes are made to the conversion commands as problems are addressed and as new versions of image conversion programs are incorporated into XPP (which might include API changes - and usually things just work and customers should not have to know all those details).

    The main reason I mentioned about XPP 9.0 being retired is that since then a newer version (more than once) of the ImageMagick conversion program has been incorporated into the newer releases of XPP.

    Opening a case with SDL customer support and providing a sample image would allow CS to try one of your "problem" PNG images with the latest release of XPP to see if the conversion results are better. If that is the case, since XPP 9.0 is retired you would not be able to receive a "patch" - you would need to upgrade XPP. If there is still a conversion problem even with the latest release of XPP and there is a bug that gets fixed, you would still need to upgrade XPP in order to receive any fix.

  • This was resolved, for some reason the image chase was not working.  It has been corrected.  I should have noticed the <igt> created an empty box with the image name attached, with no conversion errors it just meant it wasn't founc.

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