Custom Dict, for cafrench algorithm

We are running XPP 9.3.1 on Linux using Exceed for X11 via Putty->Linux connection.

We have a JT with

Algorithm => cafrench

Main Dict => cafrench

Cust Dict => neptune

We have /opt/xyvision/sd_liz/Lstd-dict/_la_neptune.p and 1la_neptune.p with open permissions.  When running a division using the JT, we get the error below.  If I remove the neptune entry from Cust Dict the error is eliminated.  I know that I should be able to use the custom dictionary and I'm missing something obvious in the documentation...but any ideas/fixes on the below would be greatly appreciated.

***** Begin log file job.log, session number 4 *****
Exception Dictionary "la neptune" unreadable
Exception Dictionary "la neptune" is not for the "cafrench" language

  • I think below might be pertinent as I think Neptune was built before we used cafrench...but input would be appreciated.

    in the managing document styles(The Job Ticket(JT))

    Comments An exception dictionary contains words specific to your jobs, for example,
    proper names. These are words that do not appear in the main dictionary.
    To be accessible, a dictionary must be stored in the library named in the
    Dictionary Library field of the Job Ticket or at the job level.
    If you need a custom dictionary, you must build one for each language. You
    cannot build one custom dictionary for use with several languages. If the
    dictionary does not match the language, XPP reports that it cannot open the
    dictionary and does not perform hyphenation using that dictionary.

  • Hi John,

    An exception dictionary can only be used for one language, the language for which it was built.

    My guess is that your "neptune" exception dictionary was built for a different language. It certainly was not built for the 'cafrench' language (as indicated by the second message above).

    If you want to know for which language your "neptune" dictionary was actually built, you can open a command prompt and run the following command:
    ls_check /opt/xyvision/sd_liz/Lstd-dict/_la_neptune.p

    This is a common mistake. For example, one on of our systems I ran 'ls_check' on a file named _la_spanish.p and it reported that the dictionary was built for the "english" language - not "spanish" as I would have expected from the filename of the dictionary.

    When you run Dictionary Maintenance, you first need to set the language you want with "Set Language" (and choose e.g. "cafrench") and then go back and do "Build Spell" (and select your word list).

    If you don't actually need your "neptune" dictionary for whatever language it was actually built for, then you can just overwrite it (when you build it for the correct language). If by chance you need that same word list built for multiple languages (as a custom dictionary), and in the same JOB or Llibrary, then you'll need to manage using different names.

    You might want to consider using word List names (word list division names) that are indicative of the language for which they are going to be built, as the List (division) name will become the name of the exception dictionary.

    Jonathan Dagresta
    SDL XPP Engineering

  • Thanks for explaining in depth Jonathan, very appreciated.