Release Notes - January to April 2018: SDL Integration for AEM 6.4

Dear Community,

The below update covers release notes from January to April 2018 for the SDL Integration for AEM version 6.4. It is for information to those customers wanting to know what changes have been made this year as we develop the integration, and whether they shoudl upgrade to the latest versions.

Version 6.4.0-1.0.3

Translation API

The Post request in the Translation API was not setting up correctly the encoding to UTF-8 when posting content to either WorldServer environment or TMS environment. Therefore if the description field or the reject translation comment contained any special characters they were not being posted correctly to either WorldServer environment or TMS environment.

This aspect has been fixed by setting up the encoding of the StringEntity to UTF-8.

Version 6.4.0-1.0.2

Package structure refactoring

The root package structure has been changed to com.sdl.connectors.
The package group that is inherited by all child poms in AEM 6.4 connector has been changed to com.sdl.connectors.reactor.
The paths from the cloud service configuration page have remained intact and no alteration has been performed on them.

Gson Dependency

Introduce Gson dependency to replace Json Writer which  has been deprecated by Adobe.
The Gson object mapper can be used to transform data into JSON and send it to the front-end. 

Translation API Update

Translation API has been updated to version 1.0.8. The connector should now support also the reject translation functionality through Mantra API.

Version 6.4.0-1.0.1

Apache Sling Service User Mapper Service

Eliminated the Apache Sling Service User Mapper Service configurations that the connector was writing during its installation.

These configurations are not needed anymore because the connector will make use only of the written configurations in Apache Sling User Mapper Service Amendment.

When installing the connector the following will happen:

  • a bootstrap-service user will be created that will get reading/writing rights under content.
  • in Apache Sling User Mapper Service Amendment a writeAccessResourceResolver service will be defined that will make use of the bootstrap-service user.The writeAccessResourceResolver will be used to instantiate the resource resolver in connector.Therefore according to the nature of the connector the user should find one of these entries in Apache Sling User Mapper Service:com.adobe.granite.translation.connector.sdlws:writeAccessResourceResolver=bootstrap-service,com.adobe.granite.translation.connector.sdlmantra:writeAccessResourceResolver=bootstrap-service or
    com.sdl.connectors.machine.translation:writeAccessResourceResolver=bootstrap-service.If the connector for Mantra is installed together with the connector for WorldServer and machine translation then all these entries should be found together in Apache Sling Service User Mapper Service.

Version 6.4.0-1.0.0

Connector Migration

  • Updated the connector dependencies to the latest versions recommended by Adobe
  • Eliminated the support for org.apache.felix.scr.annotations and replaced them with org.osgi.service.component.annotations
  • Migrated the connector services from Apache Sling Services to OSGI Services
  • Migrated the connector configuration servlets from SlingServlet to HttpServlet
  • Introduced a bundle activator in order to correctly register and unregistered the configuration servlets.
  • Eliminated BootstrapTranslationAdapterFactory. Read the cloud services configurations directly from JCR.
  • Read the translation target language from the translation job.

Available features

  • Request Scope
  • Accept Translation
  • Reject Translation(only for WorldServer environment)
  • Cancel Translation
  • Complete Translation
  • Archive Translation Job.