Product Release - August 2018

Dear Community

I am pleased to announce the latest release for the SDL Integration for Salesforce Knowledge. This brings support for Lightning Knowledge following the Winter '18 release of Salesforce.

Latest release can be downloaded for trial from the Salesforce AppExchange:

Release Notes

Version 1.18.0

Update to support the new Lightning version of Salesforce.
With Winter ’18 release, Salesforce has introduced lightning knowledge for Multi language orgs. The existing version of Salesforce Knowledge Article requires Article Type. Enabling Lightning Knowledge changes the org’s data model to use record types rather than ArticleTypes. The SDL app will be updated to support this new data model, with a config option to choose which version and data model matches their Salesforce deployment.

Bug Fixes

In some customer instances, there were issues loading the All Projects page in the SDL WorldServer version of the app. The API calls have been changed to reduce the volume of data being called to allow this page to function correctly.