Product Release - October 2019

Dear Community

I am pleased to announce the latest release for the SDL Integration for Salesforce Knowledge. This delivers two important bug fixes as raised by customers.

Latest release can be downloaded for trial from the Salesforce AppExchange:

Release Notes

Version 1.24

Feature Update

Previous versions of the integration use two scheduled jobs in Salesforce to manage the project status synchronisation and translated article download. In some custoemr instances, these scheduled jobs would stop running after a period of time for unknown reasons.

Version 1.2.4 adds two new jobs that check the status of the scheduled jobs periodically, and if it finds them not to be running, with automatically re-start them.

Bug Fixes

Auxiliary Status inSalesforce: the status was not relecting the actual status in SDL TMS, and has been resolved.

Project Name Limit: Previous versions had a limit of 30 characters in the project name when creating a translation project. When this limit was reached, for languages using culture codes, projects were erroring on the SDL side. The limit has been reduced to 27 characters to protect against this.