Saving draft versions of projects in ManTra

Would it be possible to add in a "Save as Draft" version of a project in ManTra? I know we can save templates but it doesn't quite cover what I'm thinking. I'd like to create my full project in advance of having the final files ready. I would like to create the project complete with name and description and then "save as draft" while I wait for the final files to be ready. Once the files are ready, I attach them and then submit the project. Thoughts?

  • Hi Tim,

    Good to hear from you.

    If I'm being entirely honest, I don't see how the requested "Save as Draft" feature offers any significant benefits over the existing Project Template functionality. Project Templates can store all project input settings with the exception of the Project Name, Description and Due Date. You could therefore create a template for a particular project you are preparing for that includes the relevant language and attribute settings. At the point you are ready to actually submit the project, you would enter the Project Name, Description and Due Date, choose the pre-defined template and upload the final files requiring translation.

    Aside from being required to enter the Project Name, Description and Due Date at the point of project submission, is there anything else I'm missing here?

  • Hi Ian...Thanks for the reply.
    You aren't missing much in my request. I know the templating solves a majority of the issues but not being able to save the description as a draft forces me to write them outside of Mantra and then bring it in because it is not saved in the template.
  • Hi Tim.

    Is it always *the next* project you intend to create, for which you want to save a draft of the project description?

    With the current behavior, if you start entering project details in ManTra and populate the values of any custom attribute strings without actually creating the project, we remember those values next time you navigate to the Create a Project page to pick up where you left off. This behavior doesn't apply for the Project Name, Description and Due Date fields but I was interested to understand if this would address the requirement you are raising here?

  • Hi Ian.
    It is not always the next project that I am saving a draft version for. It might be an instance where I have two or three smaller projects all launching at very similar times and I want to get a head start on getting the project set up in Mantra just waiting for the final files. Often it could be the next project but not always.
    And I would not call this request a requirement. I would easily trade it for the update quote functionality I may have mentioned once or twice before. ;-)