• SDL TMS 11.4 | CRQ-6656 | Some users are not able to authorize tasks from the inbox

    Some users were unable to authorize tasks from the inbox even though they had sufficient permissions.

    This issue was introduced by a previous hotfix for CRQ-6359 which related to authorizing tasks from the user's inbox. The permissions for authorization were taken from the organization where the user was created, rather than from the organization where the job was created.

    SDL TMS will…

    • 23 Nov 2017
  • SDL TMS 11.4 | SDL TMS 11.4 Release Announcement (October 2017)

    We are pleased to announce the general availability of SDL TMS 11.4. This is the next major update on the SDL TMS 11.x branch and delivers some important updates, new features and defect fixes. See below for some highlights.

    SDL TMS 11.4 brings some enhancements to the way that SDL TMS supports vendors. With this release, vendor users can be added to groups to create “vendor groups”. These groups can then be assigned…

    • 31 Oct 2017