We are pleased to announce the general availability of SDL TMS 12.1. See below for some highlights of this minor version release.

To make it easier for our customers to adhere to GDPR, SDL TMS 12.1 includes two improvements which ensure that data is removed permanently when it is no longer needed. These two features are:

  • Automatic deletion of archived files
  • Automatic deletion of log files

Both settings are configurable in the system settings page where you can specify the period for retention of this data. When the files are no longer required, they will be permanently deleted from the filing system.

Support for Passolo 2018
SDL Passolo 2018 was released earlier this year and introduced a new format for the bundles that are exported. This new format of bundle was not compatible with SDL TMS 12.0 or any other earlier version. SDL TMS 12.1 introduces support for this new bundle format so that translation of SDL Passolo 2018 bundles can be handled through SDL TMS.

Custom Interface types
The extensibility of SDL TMS 12.1 has been improved through the introduction of custom workflow step interface types. The interface type governs the behaviour of the workflow step and facilitate the following scenarios:

  • Linking an interface type to a custom page in SDL TMS
  • Determining the types of emails to be sent at each workflow stage
  • Avoiding having to refer to explicit workflow step unique identifiers
  • Accessing SDL Online Editor from stages other than the default translation and review stages

Custom requirements can now be implemented completely separately to the core SDL TMS product and dependencies are alleviated making it easier to future-proof these customisations. The new custom interface types also allow extensibility for other key focus areas such as in-context review.

For more information on custom interface types, contact your SDL representative who will put you in touch with our Professional Services team.

Cloud Terminology
Although the feature will be switched off in the initial release, SDL TMS 12.1 allows for configuration of cloud terminology sequences for those organisations that are connected to SDL Language Cloud through an API Key. These sequences can then be referenced in a configuration and will be available to jobs created using the relevant configurations. Opening files in SDL Online Editor that belong to one of these jobs will allow the translator and reviewer to reference the correct terminology in real time. Later in the year, SDL Trados Studio will also include connectivity to the cloud terminology for packages downloaded from SDL TMS 12.1. Stay up-to-date with SDL TMS news by subscribing to the community group to hear more about cloud terminology as it continues to be rolled out across other products this year.

For full information on these new features please refer to the detailed Release Notes available on https://docs.sdl.com/SDLTMS12.1/ReleaseNotes

Customers who host SDL TMS should download the installer for Sdl_Tms_12.1.25057.0.iso from the following FTP site: ftp://ftp-emea.sdlproducts.com/SDL TMS/12.1

Users are advised to refresh their browser cache after every SDL TMS upgrade.