Client Feedback on Advanced Inbox Tech Preview in TMS 11.3.0

I am taking the liberty of posting here feedback from our Client - Philips.

This was passed on to LDTS by client-side validators who work in the TMS on a daily basis.


We’d like to send you some feedback regarding the updated version of TMS. It would be great if you could provide us with instructions on how to use the new version, in case we are not following the correct steps, or forward this to the responsible person in your technical team. Unfortunately, the feedback is rather negative at the moment :(.


The functionality of the button “Save Layout” is not working as we would expect it to. It would totally make sense for us to customize the columns in the inbox, i.e. to decrease their width, to hide columns we don’t need to see, and to change the sequence of the columns. Unfortunately changes of this kind can’t be saved with the button “Save Layout”. Instead the system saves words which have been entered in the Search field and are visible there when the button “Save Layout” is pressed. This is a really strange behavior and not really useful for us, since we don’t usually need to store a view of the inbox when we filter for a special term. The contents of the inbox change all the time when new projects arrive and old projects are finalized, and storing such a filter could even lead to overlooking some new projects.


In addition, it is really inconvenient that you have to scroll to the right if you’d like to see the whole view of the inbox. I do, for example, scroll to the right in order to see if one of my colleagues has already taken ownership for a special project. The problem is, when I arrive at the column “Tasks Assigned”, I no longer see the name of the project. This could be resolved if the layout of the columns could be changed and saved, but as mentioned above, this is not possible.


Some colleagues don’t use the Search field in TMS and prefer to use Ctrl+F. In order to use this search function you first have to click somewhere on the screen. The problem is that whenever you click on the white space between/in the columns of the inbox, the system makes a checkmark in one of the project boxes. It would be more convenient if the system only marked a box when you click directly into the box. The way it works now, we had the case that someone accidentally marked a project and accidentally took ownership of the project.


We have informed the client that for now they can go back to the "old inbox" by disabling Tech Preview inbox in User Details.