Hello everyone,

It is a pleasure to announce the general availability of WorldServer 11.2.2.

It contains fixes for the following issues:

Component ID Description
File types and segmentation CRQ-5004 When you segment assets that contain images with the Microsoft Excel 2007-2016 file type, translate them in SDL Trados Studio, and upload them back into WorldServer, extra lines of spaces are no longer added after generating the target document.
CRQ-6878 An issue related to a stored procedure that caused data inconsistencies resulting in occasional infinite loops in the File Type Support (FTS) Server has been fixed.
CRQ-8380 Unnecessary formatting tags are no longer extracted when segmenting IDML assets with the Adobe InDesign CS4-CC IDML file type.
CRQ-8565 The File Type Support (FTS) Server retry mechanism for Segment, Export, and Import operations has been changed. You can specify how many times you want the FTS Server to retry such operations in case of database errors by modifying the value of the TransactionRetries property in the Sdl.WorldServer.FileTypeSupport.Server.HostProcess.exe.config file.
SDL Trados Studio integration CRQ-5894 TM entries are now updated properly if you confirm and update target segments that contain tracked changes (either from SDL Trados Studio or from SDL Online Editor) and the workflow is configured to update the TM in non-Live TM mode.
User permissions CRQ-6405 On the Projects page, the users whose corresponding user type does not have the Can view projects of clients the user is a member of permission can no longer select projects for clients I am a member of in the View list. As a result, they can no longer view projects with other locales than the ones assigned to them. Note that, in certain cases, you might need to open and save all the user profiles (without necessarily making changes to them) for this fix to be applied.
REST API CRQ-8718 The correct status is now displayed when you call the projectGroups/search endpoint without including all the available parameters.

Also, the existing file types have been updated to their latest versions.

SDL will provide regular cumulative updates, so that customers can benefit from the latest improvements and prevent potential issues. You can find announcements about new updates here.

WorldServer 11.2.2 is available on the public FTP.

Important! As of this release, you need to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (x86) on your FTS Server machine. Make sure you download the 32-bit version (x86) regardless of your system configuration. Before you install it, you might also need to apply certain Windows updates. For more information, see the Visual Studio 2017 system requirements.