Hello everyone,

I am glad to announce the availability of WorldServer 11.3.6.

It contains the following fixes:

Affected area or component ID Description
SDL Tridion Docs integration, SDL Web integration, REST API CRQ-15406 When downloading target assets using the REST API, any folder-level encoding configured in Explorer now overrules the default encoding of the locale. For example, if a locale uses UTF-8 by default but the encoding of its target folder in Explorer is set to UTF-16, the assets downloaded from that folder will inherit the UTF-16 format.
Database CRQ-15386  CRQ-13351 In certain high-usage situations, an error related to the assignment of unique IDs to segments was displayed when segmenting assets, indicating that the maximum threshold of ID values had been reached. As a temporary workaround, the BcmParagraphUnits table has been extended to support negative values as well.
SDL Tridion Docs integration, REST API CRQ-15156 An issue related to projects from Tridion Docs not being created when WorldServer is connected to an Oracle database has been resolved.
File types CRQ-14433 The JSON File Type has been improved so that JSON file type configurations can apply rules from custom embedded content processors.
Translation memories CRQ-14034 Making any changes to ICE-match segments, such as modifying the translation or the segment status, no longer leads to changes in the word count of the scoping report.
WorldServer TransPort CRQ-5492 TransPort users can now upload file attributes when creating projects with the new wizard.
User interface CRQ-5326 If HTTPS is configured on your environment via proxy, you can save search filters and remove search criteria on the Projects page of the Classic interface.

SDL will provide regular cumulative updates, so that customers can benefit from the latest improvements and prevent potential issues. You can find announcements about new updates here.

WorldServer 11.3.6 is available on the public FTP.

Deployment notes

If you are upgrading from a WorldServer version earlier than 11.3.3, do one of the following:

  • If you want to deploy this cumulative update through Tomcat, uninstall your current Tomcat version, and then install the Tomcat version included in the cumulative update kit.
  • If you want to deploy it on a WorldServer instance installed with the installer, uninstall your current WorldServer version, and then re-install it using the installer included in the cumulative update kit.

You do not need to do this if you are upgrading from WorldServer 11.3.3 to 11.3.6.