Major issues with Astoria 6.4 (recent upgraded) (Creating new Projects) parsing XML files fail with WS 10.4.03: Has anybody else had this issue?

We just upgraded our CMS to Astoria 6.4, and now all new projects fail to be created, surprising older projects can be returned without issues. 

"com.idiominc.webservices.client.WSRuntimeException (covers java.lang.RuntimeException: org.xml.sax.SAXException: Invalid element in - optionalAttributeDescriptors)"

  • It looks like some invalid data is being sent when attempting to create a project using the client SDK. Do you have any insight on what is inside the calls that are sent from (i assume) Astoria and WorldServer? What do you have that connects the two systems? Is it custom development or is it something purchased?
  • Just to be clear, this is an issue that i think that Astoria support would need to be the authoritative source for the solution for this issue. However, given the link you gave above, can you confirm that in your WorldServer instance the configurations defined at are set up correctly? If so, is the GUI shown at the one that you use to create a new translation? If so, could you provide a screenshot of one of the projects you are attempting to send that is giving this error before you actually submit it? If you need help attaching an image in this thread, i can help with that.
  • I just test my links above and they seem to be one level up from where i intended. In the first link, once you are there, then click on the Configuring Options in WorldServer link. For the second link, once there, click the Additional Fields for Start Translation with WorldServer link
  • com.idiominc.webservices.client.WSRuntimeException (covers java.lang.RuntimeException: org.xml.sax.SAXException: Invalid element in - optionalAttributeDescriptors)

    The batch job was: Start Translation on portal_8203.ditamap (pt_BR, es_ES)

    Submitted by: Evan Cohen

    Running on server: IBIAPPSA

    The properties of this batch job were: {ABWOP:outputDirectory,0=D:\PROGRA~2\ASTORI~1\ACS\translationExport, ABWOP:exportFilter,0=8203, ABWOP:configurationGUID,0=, ABWOP:operation,0=submitStartTranslation, ABWOP:object,0=00000018WIAC07D6E10GYZ, ABWOP:bypassWS,0=false, ABWOP:destCabID,0=00000017WGA8010GYZ, ABWOP:destCabID,1=00000017WGA5010GYZ, ABWOP:wspVal,0=No, ABWOP:userName,0=ibi\ec01019, ABWOP:wspDesc,0=portal_8203.ditamap, ABWOP:thisDocumentOnly,0=false, ABWOP:wspType,0=Translation, ABWOP:translationCancelPD,0=false, ABWOP:organization,0=, ABWOP:excludeXRefs,0=true, Status=Ready, ABWOP:translationPriority,0=, ABWOP:vendor,0=, ABWOP:dueDate,0=1528208453878, ABWOP:wspRec,0=1, ABWOP:jobDesc,0=, ABWOP:wspName,0=portal_8203.ditamap, ABWOP:wspClient,0=WorldServer, ABWOP:wspPreCost,0=No, ABWOP:wspMat,0=Tech Doc, ABWOP:restartWS,0=false, ABO:ClassName=com.lspeed.webforms.BatchWebformsOperation, ABWOP:translationType,0=Full, ABWOP:includeGraphics,0=false, ABWOP:previousJobs,0=, name=Start Translation on portal_8203.ditamap (pt_BR, es_ES) , ABWOP:blockLevel,0=false, ABWOP:jobName,0=portal_8203.ditamap, ABWOP:wspRefAtt,0=}
  • Looking at the properties i can say that the very last item there (wspRefAtt,0=) does seem suspect to me. The error you initially provided was about optional attribute descriptors and reference material definitely could fall into that category. The reason it is suspect to me is because it is the only item where there is nothing on the right side of the equal sign. However, why that is the case is something only Astoria support could tell you. Is there a way that you can see the actual client side SOAP call that is being made to WorldServer from Astoria?