Can email notifications for task assignments be based on source locale or source/target locale only?

Our typical project is to translate one source language always to English as the target. However, since all translators need English as a permitted locale, they all get task assignment notifications, even though they may not know the source language and would not be qualified to claim the assignment.

1. How do we ensure that translators see only the translations they are qualified to translate?

2. How can we limit sending email notifications for tasks only to translators with source language knowledge?

I see that I could set up dozens of workgroups, one for each source language, and associate corresponding project types to them. So, for example, "French Translations" project type allows only "French Translators" workgroup and that workgroup only has French-to-English translators. Seems cumbersome, but would that work? Is there something simpler that I am missing?


  • Hi Kevin-san,

    My idea is the same with yours as creating and using workgroups for each source locale. This is little primitive way and you might need to create tons of workgroups, but it works actually for both those two requirements. 

    If the translators have the user type options which allows them to see only assigned projects and tasks, I can think to develop a custom automatic action, which assigns appropriate users dynamically to steps. However, it needs development cost. 

    Creating of the workgroups can be easier. Create one workgroup, export it as TML file, and then edit the file as XML by adding more workgroups. It might be easier than creating the workgroups via UI. 

    Otherwise, if you do coding, you can create a one-off script which calls APIs to create the workgroups and set them to project types. 

    If you think this type of requirement might be popular among WorldServer users, there is an option to submit this requirement to our Ideas site to make it happen in future versions.