Time Zones and due dates/times

Hello everyone. I just received this email from a user in Canada and don't know how to help. My understanding was that due dates/times would be displayed for your time zone:

We are having some issues with the time zones. We did change ours to Canada East and asked our agencies to make sure they do the same.

However, once we assign a task to our agencies, the system automatically converts it as if we were in Germany.

Example: A. asked for a translation to be delivered at 10:30 am. When they received it, the agency saw 4:30 am, which is also what we see on our end in the task.

Can this be fixed? It can get really confusing and create undue stress.

So it appears in this case that the time set as the deadline is German time (where the WorldServer is physically located), with 6 hours deducted for Eastern Time.