Terminology entries containing ampersand characters were not being shown in the translation editor in SDL TMS even thought the exact term was present in the text for translation.

This issue was caused by a mismatch in how the ampersand character was being stored within the translation segment and in the terminology cache.

Terms containing ampersand characters are now stored consistently and these terms will be shown in the translation editor when the segment for translation contains the corresponding term.

This is a re-release of a previous hotfix for CRQ-8978 which was found to cause problems on some SDL TMS implementations. Please install this new fix over the previous one to ensure full functionality in the translation editor.

SDL-hosted customers should contact SDL Support to arrange for this hotfix to be deployed.

Customers who host SDL TMS themselves should download the installer for SDLTMS11.4.0 Hotfix for CRQ-9346.exe from the following FTP site: TMS/11.4/Hotfix/