I am delighted to announce the release of SDL WorldServer 11.5! This represents the first WorldServer release that is completely free from Java applets, and is thus a very appealing upgrade target for all customers.

In addition, we have switched our development environment to use OpenJDK 11 rather than a paid Oracle version of the Java platform. If you have built your own customizations using the WorldServer SDK, you may need to make adjustments to your build system to align with the updated requirements for WS11.5. For further details, please contact SDL Professional Services.

As a result of this change, users will see:

  • a completely redesigned Business Rules configuration wizard, with significantly improved user experience
  • a downloadable version of WorldServer Explorer, that runs on your local machine and connects directly to your WorldServer instance

As with every release, we have updated the File Types to take advantage of all the latest features and fixes. And further to this, we have added support for 2 new File Types:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Markdown

For further in-depth details of these and the other releases headlines, please see the Release Notes here, and also the webinar introducing  & demonstrating this release.

For any questions about this release, or to schedule an upgrade, please contact SDL Support through the usual channels.

Ray Hopley

Product Manager, SDL WorldServer