The latest versions of data drivers fix two issues for Oracle 12c. They are described at the following locations:


Please back up your existing data drivers (wsoracledd-5-1-3.jar and wssqlserverdd-5-1-2.jar) and copy the latest data drivers (available on FTP) to the application. The latest versions are:  

  • Microsoft SQL Server JDBC 5.1.4
  • Oracle JDBC 5.1.4



You can fix this issue by deploying the update to WorldServer 10.4.5, available on FTP.

If you cannot deploy it, contact the SDL Support Team:

  •     Log on to your "My SDL" Account.
  •     Log a support request via Support & Education Support


  • All systems running WorldServer 10.4.5 and using Oracle 12c should have this hotfix applied.
  • The fix for this issue is also available in WS 11.1.1.