Unable to delete project: Deleting... status does not change


One of my projects has a "Deleting..." status that does not change.

I want to delete it, but maybe the following information is helpful to understand the problem:

I cannot access it anymore through the Projects tab (Trados Live). If I try to access it via Dashbord, it shows this message:

The resource you are trying to access was not found.
Trace id: 1aa292b1-a92c-4f86-9ede-dbce6398b3bc



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  • I have the same issue.

    Trace id: 992b8c58-dc8f-4d14-9493-b92d8c09933c

    Error message: The resource you are trying to access was not found.

    I think my original project was created from trados studio 2021 program. (via creating a cloud project in the program)

    But, when I was uploading my project files to the trados live (cloud), some error has happened, and I wanted to restart the project.

    So, I deleted the project in the trados live. However, it is still 'deleting' status and grayed out.

    In addition, the trados studio 2021 program also has the cloud trados project which I want to delete.

    When I delete the project, the cloud project still appears.

    Similarly, I cannot completely delete the project in the trados live(cloud) and, it makes the error. (Trace id and Error message written above in this article).

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