Studio Live Error 500

I am trying to learn the ropes with Studio Live and I keep getting this Error 500 ' Generic Error'

  "resourceType": "TERMBASE",
  "page": 1,
  "pageSize": 50
  "message": "An error occured while processing your request!",
  "details": []

I have created a project online and translated it partially there. I have these issues:
1) The termbase was not working and I couldn't understand where the recognized terms are displayed
2) I haven't understood how to look a lookup without copy-pasting the words in the Lookup pane manually
(I was using Chrome on Mac)

3) I am trying to finish the project offline using SDL Studio 2021 and there seem to be a connection error. It has found the cloud project and it is displayed in the Project page,
but when I click on it, it says the file can't be retrieved because I have no online connection (I am connected).
4) I am trying to download a bilingual *.sdlxliff to upload it manually in Studio because of issue #3, but all I can get is a partially translated target file.