Confirming segments in Online Editor


When I confirm a segment in Online Editor and move on to the next one, it very often happens that the text I have just translated is not retained. I then have to re-type the same text and try to confirm it several times before it works. This is very annoying.

I have tried every combination (Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+Alt+Enter, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Enter) and it makes no difference. What is the problem?

Thank you in advance!


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  • Hi Patrik

    The speed at which I type or confirm the segment doesn't seem to play any role in my case.

    But here's what I've noticed: the problem usually occurs...
    a) when I modify a previously confirmed segment (the changes are not saved when I confirm again)
    b) when the segment contains words from the terminology base.There seems to be some kind of interference.

    Perhaps this will help you.

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