Pretranslate - sensitivity to sentences with multiple translations

Hi everybody,

I'm translating a IT-EN annual report and it's mostly 100% matches from my previous TMs but there are some  items that need to be translated differently depending on whether they're on the asset or liability side of the balance sheet. I've never used "Pre-translate" before so I'm not sure what  the system does when it finds an item with 2 or more diffderent translations inn the TM. Ideally, I would like the system to plug in all the 100% matches within only one translation but stop and ask me when when there are multple translation options. 

Can anybody please give me a "For dummies" explanation of how to do that (or the cloest approximation?)

Thanks a lot in advance,



  • I think the easiest way to do this is probably to pre-translate for 100% matches only and penalise multiple translations:

    This is a default setting yo you should have this already.  Then all you do after the pre-translation is filter on the segments not translated at all and you can make sure you enter the correct one manually.

    Maybe others with more experience actually translating have a better approach, but this is what I'd do.

  • Thanks a lot Paul, and sorry for the delay reply!. I have never pre-translated before and when I tried to select the file to pre-translate I received a message to the effect that I didn't have access to that file path or something even though it's on my own PC. If I can get access to the file next time I'll follow your advice, which I'm sure will be helpful.