Menu bar keeps minimizing automatically in 2021

Hi everybody, this may seem like a trivial problem but it's very annoying because it happens everry 20s or so and the translation window doesn't display anymore. I know I'm supposed to just click on the top bar to redisplay the whole menu but t doesn't always work and I never want to minimize the menu bar, so I would happily disable that feature if possible.

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  • Hey

    Assuming if I understood you correctly, all tool bars and windows within SDL Trados Studio have those drawing pins which I boxed in red for you, as they are a bit of a challenge to stop. They are always on the bottom far right hand side. So in your case it would be pin the Translation Window (where your TM results seen) which is found in the Editor View of SDL Trados Studio.

    If however the annoyance you are trying to describe is not that specific and you are actually implying its the entire SDL Trados Studio application (that minimises back to your Windows bottom task bar), then do let me know so that I can give you ongoing support.

    Looking forward to your further clarification


  • Hi Lydia,

    Sorry for the delayed response. What I meant is that the minimize ribbon function kept kicking in automatically so that instead of displaying all the menu commands there was just a strip at top of the window.. Fortunately, Murphy's law has worked in my favor this time: just when I had a little to time to illustrate the problem with screen shots, the problem disappeared! The same is true of the problem I was having with dragging and dropping windows, although I did a little work on my own with that one..

    Anyway, thanks for being willing to help!