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Studio 2019 excruciatingly slow when working with TM servers


Ever since I upgraded from Studio 2017 to Studio 2019 it is taking me absolutely ages to work on projects linked to a client's TM Servers. Studio takes approximately 25 seconds to confirm a segment, open the next one and search the TM.... I've had this problem with multiple clients, so it's not one particular server that's the problem, and my Internet speed test is excellent so it's not my connection that's at fault either.

I'd be very grateful for any insight.


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2 Replies

  • I had the same issue with a client with Studio 2017 and GS2017. We disabled the Match Repair feature, automatic fragment and concordance search and limited the number of hits from the TM shown to 5. Apparently, this did the trick. We will test and backtrack this today.
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    Hi, it seems that Match Repair has problems with bigger TM's servers. For example on TM with less then 250K TUs it is working not fast but it is ok. On bigger TMs it is very slow. But when we disable Match repair it is working as it should. We use Studio 2017 SR1 CU 14. We don't use file-based TM so I don't have any info if it is only server TM problem or it is Studio performance issue. Before CU 14 we used CU11 and there it was working ok with Match repair enabled in the editor.